Friday, August 23, 2013

Is Sun-In Any Good?

Let's find out.

So I got some Sun-In because my hair has been darker than it should be and I didn't have my summer color yet. I don't like my hair darker. I much prefer the lighter version of my color. I'll show you pictures of before and after using Sun-In. Below the pictures, you'll find the details of how I used it, how often, how much, etc.

Before and After Sun-In:

Don't know if you can really see that difference, but I hope so. Should be obvious. My hair is about a few shades lighter now. This photo is taken at the same exact place in my hair, so this is the SAME hair.

First of all, where do you buy Sun-In? You can get it at Wal-Mart by the hair dye. I'm letting you know this because I had the hardest time trying to find it. That was the last place I looked. Maybe I'm just stupid.

The directions state that you can use the heat from a hot, sunny day or a blow-dryer's heat. I don't own a blow-dryer, so I used the sun. The blow-dryer would give faster and better results for sure. This "after" picture was taken after 4 times of using Sun-In.

Each time I used Sun-In, I wet my hair, sprayed it with Sun-in, and sat outside for about an hour. The 4th time, I took the bottle of Sun-In outside with me. Each time I felt my hair drying, I would spray it again. I only did that on the 4th time. I did this for about an hour. So these are the results I got from doing that. Pretty cool huh? You might change the amount of times you do it or the length of time you go outside according to your own preference. Each one of us has different hair, so the way we do it will be different I'm sure.

The best part is there is you can apply it more than once if you don't like the first result.

Now, just because Sun-In doesn't look like hair dye, does not mean it isn't damaging. It can very well damage hair. The main ingredient that lightens your hair is hydrogen peroxide, which lifts the hair color when heat is applied. The rest of the ingredients are different conditioners and things like that for your hair. I would recommend everyone to condition their hair well in the days before and after using the product, just to help prevent some damage. My hair has not been damaged really. Not that I can tell anyway. That doesn't mean it won't damage your hair though.

If I continue with more Sun-In applications, I will post the new after photos below.

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