Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Color Chart of Red Koolaid Dye in Hair

There are so many different shades of red koolaid. They will show up differently in your hair depending on the color of your hair and the color of the koolaid. Here are the different red colors and how they look in light strawberry blonde/ golden hair:

This is Strawberry Koolaid dip dye:

This is Watermelon Cherry Koolaid dip dye:

This is Pink Lemonade + Black Cherry dip dye:

I will add more colors as I dye my hair. As you can see, no two reds are the same. Some look pinkish and some look orangish. Depending on your hair color, it will vary. Yours may not look like this, but it's just a general guide.


  1. About how much Kool-Aid do you use? I want to know how much to put into my hair to get the same color intensity.

    1. I've been using one packet per color. But some people probably have thicker hair than me so.... it varies.


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