Monday, June 4, 2012

Pink Kool Aid Hair Dye: The Tips

I dyed my hair with Strawberry (Pink) kool aid. Here is how I did it, including before and after photos.

Before Photo:

Step 1

Get all of the things together that you'll need. I used about 3 small trash bags, 1 packet of strawberry koolaid, a dark plastic cup, and some conditioner.

Here is the kool aid I used:

And here is the conditioner I used:

I used VO5 Tea Therapy (the white one) mainly because it's cheap and white. This conditioner doesn't have any added dyes that will interfere with the coloring. You may be able to use a colored conditioner, but I'm not sure how the results will be.

Step 2

You'll want to be careful during this whole process because kool aid dyes everything that it touches. You don't want to dye your sink or floor and make the people in your family mad. The first thing I did was line the sink with a small trash bag so that nothing would stain the bathroom sink. I also took my shirt off as an extra precaution. Put your hair in a pony tail so that it's easier to dye the ends.

Step 3

You will probably want to use a dark plastic cup because you don't want to ruin a good cup. Take the cup and put some conditioner in it. You don't want to use too much. I used about a tablespoon because I am dying only my ends. Then pour in the packet of strawberry kool aid.

Step 4

Mix the kool aid and conditioner. I used a spoon. Here is where I realized that I'm not getting a creamy texture. I actually got a weird, watery, grainy texture. The kool aid stayed that way no matter how much I mixed. It should still be okay.

Step 5

Lean over the trash bag, take some of the mixture onto a spoon, and begin putting it on the end of your pony tail. Go up as far as you want. I did about the last 4-5 inches of my hair. Squeeze it gently into the hair so that you get all of the strands.

Step 6

Once you have coated the ends your hair with the mixture to your liking, rinse your fingers off (still over the trash bag). Let the trash bag in the sink catch the water.

Step 7

Take another small trash bag and put the end of your pony tail in it. Make sure to get all of the hair that is colored. Tie it at the top. This wasn't tight enough for me, so I put a twist tie at the top and I used a hair clip to hold it in place. You don't want it to fall.

Step 8

Now it's time to clean up without staining anything. Take the third trash bag and place the sink trash bag into it. Make sure nothing drips out. You have to be really careful. Tie up the third trash bag and get it out of the house. Take it to a dumpster. Now take the cup (with the remaining mixture) and spoon to the kitchen. Make sure you don't drip anything on the floor during transport. Wash both of them out with soap and make sure not to splash the counter tops. I was able to do all of this without staining anything. If you come up with a more efficient way to do this without staining, use your own way.

Step 9

Wait 2 hours. The only real concern during this time is to just make sure the trash bag doesn't slide off and give yourself something to do while you wait. Note: 2 hours is not a rule. It's just how long I did it.

Step 10

Get an old cloth that's preferably a dark color or a red color and go to the sink. Rinse your hair with water thoroughly. Do not shampoo or conditioner. This will cause the color to fade. Just get all of the kool aid out with water. Now use the old cloth to wrap the end of your pony tail and dry it off. Try not to let it drip on anything. Once your hair is dry, you should be able to see your results.

My Results

After Photo:

Before and After Photo:

Your results may be different depending on your hair color. My hair color is strawberry blonde. It looks more blonde or more red depending on the lighting. The lighting was different so my hair looked more blonde in the before photo than in the after photo. It is the same head of hair even though it looks like it's not.

*Click to see how it faded.

So there you have the results. It turned out pretty strawberry. It's not bright pink or anything. It's more of a red strawberry. I also didn't coat all of my ends properly, so there are some pieces that aren't colored. The front isn't dyed, so I had to twist my hair around to show the part that got the most dye. All-in-all, it was successful. I will keep you updated on how the fading turns out.


  1. can i boil the kool aid? cuz i boiled it...

    1. That's okay, you can. Actually boiling it will make the color last longer. The only concern would be that you burn yourself. Also if you are dip-dying, the boiling koolaid will be close to your face so.. But that's up to you. It will still dye your hair and will do an even better job at it.

  2. It's a nice alternative though. And you can remove it immediately.

    1. That's the best thing about dying your hair with koolaid. You could do a different color every day if you wanted! Because it's so easy to get it out of your hair. I'm thinking about doing all of my hair red or blue!

  3. I did the tips of my hair red, thinking that it might not even show up on my dark hair, but boy did it! It stayed in for about 6 months! We finally had to cut it off. I am now going to dye the bottom half of my hair purple, so we'll see how that works!

    1. Mine always fades after a week or two. Did you try baking soda/vinegar or baking soda/hot water?

  4. If I use black cherry can I dilute it down to pink with conditioner?

    1. I haven't tried it, but I think it could be possible with white conditioner.


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