Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Blue Hair Dye at Home For 20¢ (Koolaid)

I dip-dyed my hair blue at home and it turned out great. I have photos of before and after, but first I'll explain how I did it.

I used one packet of Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade koolaid to dye my hair blue. I got a dark plastic cup and filled it with warm water, then I poured the koolaid into the cup, then I dipped my hair in and left it dipped for 30 minutes. Afterwards, I rinsed with water. Don't wash your hair, just rinse it very well. Then I dried it. The results look great just in time for the July 4th holiday. Here are the photos followed by some tips for those who may want to try this.



I love blue hair dye. This photo is after my hair was rinsed and completely dried.

So here are some tips for anyone who wants to do this at home:

The color of your hair does matter when it comes to how this will turn out. My hair is light strawberry blonde so I got an aqua marine sort of look. Those with very blonde hair or bleach hair will get a more true blue color. Those who have darker hair will get a blue tint and some people who have very dark hair may not notice a difference. You never know until you try. If you have really yellow hair, it may be more green than blue.

The time it takes for this color to fade out of your hair will be different for everyone. It may not go away with 1 wash. I've never had koolaid come out of my hair with 1 wash. It usually takes 10 days for me. I've heard of it taking months for some people. If the uncertainty is a problem for you, you may want to think about it. There are ways to get koolaid out of your hair a little faster than normal and I have a post about that. Your hair color also matters when it comes to this. Those who have darker hair and only get a blue tint will likely see the color fade more quickly than someone with blonde hair.

If you want to do a dip dye, but you have short hair, you can always hold the cup up to your hair. It's hard to keep it up for 30 minutes, but if you think you can do it, go ahead. There is also another method which uses foil and conditioner. This takes a whole lot longer though. I have a post about how to do that also.

I had someone ask me if they can boil the koolaid. You can. In fact, it will make the color last longer.

If you have a concern like for instance your mom may be mad at you or you may get fired from your job or you may get suspended from school, make sure everything is fine before you attempt this. Kids, ask your mom.

Be very careful when handling koolaid. If you spill it, it will likely stain. Keep this in mind. Any other questions, feel free to leave a comment below.


  1. I learned a quicker/easier way. Just mix a squirt of conditioner a TINY dash of water and 2 packs (for whole head or lots of head you need a few more) and mix it with a hair coloring brush, paint brush, or even an eyeshadow brush and put the paste where you like and wrap it up. This way, you can walk around and do stuff. Then after about thirty min. give or take some, rinse and dry :) but this tutorial was the fastest way to dip dye

    1. That way isn't really quicker or easier. You have to find the right balance of conditioner and koolaid and then you have to apply it to your hair and it gets everywhere if you aren't careful. That takes a while. And then you have to wait longer than 30 minutes for it to stain your hair.

      I did mine that way and I left the color in for 3 hours and it still wasn't dark. There was barely a stain there. I only recommend doing it that way if you are dying more than just a dip dye and if you have all night to sleep in it.


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