Monday, July 23, 2012

Which Koolaid Fades From Hair The Quickest?

If you are going to dye your hair temporarily with koolaid, it may be important to know which koolaid colors are more likely to fade faster than others. I have dyed my hair with koolaid quite a few times. Remember that when I give advice like this, I'm speaking from my own experience so it may be different for you. Don't expect the same results because you may be disappointed.

I've read comments all over the internet about what people are saying. Some people will tell you that koolaid comes out after 1 wash. Some people say that they were never able to get the koolaid out, even after months or years, and eventually cut it out.

Who is right?

Well it depends on your hair. I'll tell you everything I've learned so far though. First of all, red dyes seem to stay in the longest for me. Blue comes out completely for me after about 5 days. Yellow comes out after about 2 days. That's because these colors contain no red dyes.

Purple and red tend to stay more like 12 days or longer. Black cherry took forever to come out for me and I didn't even dye my hair very dark with it!

This is all based on my own hair though. You are not guaranteed to have these results.

Those who have dark hair and only "stain" their hair with koolaid can expect it to probably fade a lot faster. That's because it's harder to see the color in darker hair once it fades some.

Those with medium hair will be somewhere between the dark hair and my hair. You'll see it last a little longer than dark hair.

Those with blonde hair can expect about the same results as me. But remember, everyone is still different.

The people who will probably have the most trouble with koolaid hair dye are those who have bleached hair. That's because their hair is extremely light and a little damaged. Sure the color will look very good in their hair, but it will stay for a while. In fact, these are probably the people who will most likely have to wait months or even cut out the koolaid. I honestly don't know though because I don't have bleached hair.

Anyone who is considering coloring their hair with koolaid should definitely do a strand test. I recommend trying it out on a piece of hidden hair and see how long it takes to come out. Another way to test would be to dip dye only the last inch. That way if it never comes out, you'll only be giving your hair a healthy trim.

Dying your hair with koolaid is definitely something that you should be careful with, because there is no guarantee that it will come out unless you've done a test drive on your hair like mentioned above.


  1. What tips can you give for getting red koolaid out of your hair?

    1. You can do several things. You should try to clarify the hair (this removes build-up from the hair and will fade the color of the koolaid). To do that, you should use a clarifying shampoo. Any one will work. A few good cheap ones are VO5 clarifying and Suave daily clarifying.

      Then you should use diluted apple cider vinegar or diluted white vinegar on the koolaid parts. Fill a cup 1/4 with the vinegar and fill the rest with water. Pour it on the hair and let it sit for a minute and rinse it off.

      After the hair is dry, you should notice that it's faded some.

      If you have red dye that's been there for a month or more, you may want to try soaking your hair in white tea or chamomile tea. This will help make the color more soft. You could also try products that are made to take out dye from hair.

  2. Thank you so much for this! It's actually helping with my science fair project.

    1. That is awesome!! Post any specific Questions here if you need to ask anything.


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