Saturday, June 23, 2012

Yellow Koolaid Hair Dye

Yellow (Lemonade) Koolaid hair dye Before and After photos.

I've been wondering what yellow koolaid would do to my hair (strawberry blonde). I wasn't sure if it would make it look like a yellow highlighter, add a subtle yellow/blonde color, or not show up at all. All the mystery is gone now, because I just dip dyed my hair with yellow koolaid.

I used the same method as I did in my purple koolaid dip dye. I also left it dipped for the same amount of time. Refer to that post if you want to learn how to do this. Now for the pictures.



You can see that it made my hair yellow on the ends. I did about the last 4-5 inches. It even seemed to lighten my hair color some, but it's just a stain. It's not highlighter color, but it is yellowish blonde. I think the difference is obvious.

I don't know what it will look like in your hair. As always, use your own discretion if you are thinking about doing this. I'm only reporting my results. As soon as it fades, I will use another color on my hair. What color should I do next?

*Update: The yellow koolaid faded from my hair after about 2 or 3 washes. It was the shortest-lived koolaid dye I've done so far. You guys voted and next I'm doing Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade!

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