Thursday, April 25, 2013

Watermelon Cherry Koolaid Hard to Get Out of Hair

I dyed my hair with watermelon cherry koolaid a month ago. I've never had koolaid last for more than a week or two. It's been a month and there is still a tint of color on my hair tips. This has never ever happened. 

Of course, I never tried my method of getting koolaid out of hair either though, but still. I figured it would have faded by now on it's own like all the others. I didn't want to try my method because I just got a butt load of damage trimmed off my ends and I don't want to weaken my hair with boiling water. So I thought to myself, "I'll wait it out for 2 weeks." Now that 2 weeks has turned into a month and there is still a tint of koolaid on my ends.

There is another method for getting koolaid out of hair. In fact, it's supposed to get actual dye out of hair too. I haven't tried it. It's not as damaging as my original method. I may give it a try. It's the Head N Shoulders method.

At least for now I don't want to do anything damaging to my hair. I want it to grow much faster and thicker, so eliminating all damage is so important. If Head N Shoulders works, it will be my new primary method for getting koolaid out.

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