Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How to Make Dip Dye at Home

You can either buy dip dye in crazy colors for about $7 to $10 or you can make it at home for much cheaper. Here's how to make your own dip dye in whatever color you want.

You'll be using koolaid. You may have heard that koolaid is permanent and doesn't come out. I've dyed my hair I don't know how many times with koolaid and it always comes out within a week or two. I have some posts on this blog about how to get koolaid out of your hair more quickly if you're worried about that. For most people, it comes out very easily when they follow the tips.

All you need to do to dye your hair with koolaid is pour a packet of koolaid into a cup of warm water and dip for 30 minutes. Here is how to get certain colors:

Aqua/ Mermaid dip dye: If you already have really yellow blonde hair, all you'll need to do is use Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade koolaid and it will turn a nice aqua color for some cute mermaid tips. It will likely fade to green after one or two washes though.

Red dip dye: Just use Strawberry or cherry koolaid to get red or pinkish red. Most people can do red and it shows up well in their hair, even if they have brown hair (depending on how dark the brown is).

Auburn dip dye: If you have yellow hair, adding Grape koolaid will make it look a reddish brown auburn color.

Orange dip dye: Orange koolaid shows up very orange in yellow hair.

Red Orange dip dye: Tropical punch koolaid shows up red orange if you have yellow hair.

Obviously, I have very yellow hair and can only speak from experience here. These are the colors I've been able to get so far in my experiments. I will continue to update this page with more information as I find it out. Particularly, I want to figure out how to get some of the lighter pastel colors and brighter blues and pinks that are so popular.

If I had a brown-haired guinea pig, I could give a lot more information for those with brown hair. Sadly, I haven't found one yet but maybe one day I can add some posts for people with brown hair. As for those with bleached hair, you'll get the actual color that you are dying your hair with.


  1. Wow great info! Didn't know you could achieve this with kool aid. Hope you find a brown-black haired guinea pig soon as I definitely want to try this :D

    xx Jocelina

    1. Love your blog. Thanks for commenting. Yeah if I don't find anyone, I've decided that the next best thing would be to use brown human hair extensions and do my experiments on those. I also never knew you could use koolaid to dye your hair but then I saw that famous Glozel on Youtube talking about "getting her hair did" and dying it with koolaid and I thought I'd try it.

  2. May I knw wht dis kool aid means?? Is it a brand name 4 a powder used 2 make juice??

    1. If you're using the term juice loosely.. Koolaid is the brand name of a kid's drink that is basically sugar, water, flavoring, and color. Of course, you don't add sugar to it when you are dying your hair, but the color part colors your hair. If you are outside of the U.S. you may try something similar. I don't know what that would be. Or you can try food coloring, although I never really got it to work well for myself.

  3. Mine stayed in for 6 month i did red


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