Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Light Orange Hair Dye

I was in the store and I saw this Peach Mango Kool Aid. The picture on the packet was a bright red-orange. So I thought this would make a really great hair dye. It turned light orange. The color on the packet was misleading. Either way, here's how to dye your hair light orange.

Before Photo:

My hair looks like it has a little body here because I just took it out of a bun. My hair is actually really straight though. And here is the color I ended up with:

This is made from Peach Mango Kool aid. You can find it for cheap at plenty of stores. It turned my hair light orange. I only dip dyed my hair. In an effort to prevent repeating myself, you can find out how to dip dye your hair here. If you are worried about the kool aid not coming out, you should do a strand test before and try my method for getting koolaid out of your hair fast. Just take a small section of hair and dye it, then use the method of getting it out and see if it works. Then, you can dye all of your hair without worrying.

So what do you think about light orange hair dye? Not very exciting right? I'm not that excited about it. To get the actual red-orange color that's on the packet, I'm guessing you would need to mix this color and tropical punch. I plan on doing that one day to test it out. I'll probably use my method of taking the koolaid out and I'll let you know if it worked in the comments.

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